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Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Service & Repair

If you live in a larger city, you may be subject to emissions testing. If you fail your emissions test, you may need to get your exhaust system repaired or replaced. The team at Industrial Park Automotive can diagnose and repair your exhaust system and help you pass your emissions test. While your exhaust system helps reduce noise output from your vehicle, it also significantly reduces harmful emissions from being released into the air. When your muffler and exhaust system functions properly, it significantly reduces your vehicle’s harmful impact on the environment. It also significantly improves the functionality of your vehicle.

Your Vehicle's Exhaust System
Four major components of you car's exhaust system that can require service

exhaust service and repair

Cylinder Head

The cylinder head sits on top of the cylinder block and closes in the top of the cylinder. This forms the combustion chamber. In most engines, the head provides space for the paths that supply air and fuel to the cylinder, and that allow exhaust to escape.

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold is typically a cast iron or stainless steel unit that collects engine exhaust from multiple cylinders and delivers it to the exhaust pipe. If the exhaust manifold cracks or leaks, it can cause an exhaust leak that can negatively affect engine performance or fuel efficiency.

Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter controls exhaust emissions by reducing toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas from the internal combustion engine into less-toxic pollutants. Issues can cause engine misfiring, loss of power when accelerating, and increased emissions.


The muffler reduces the sound pressure created by the engine using a series of passages and chambers lined with insulation and/or resonating chambers harmonically tuned to cancel out the noise. When the muffler needs work, you'll know it by the audible increase in loudness while your car is running.
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How it works

Your vehicle’s exhaust system involves several components. The exhaust manifolds right behind the engine collect exhaust gases and connect to cylinder heads. Gases collected by your vehicle’s exhaust manifolds are analyzed by oxygen sensors and refined by catalytic converters before being muffled by the mufflers. By the time these gases reach the muffler, the emissions system has made your car run smoother, quieter and cleaner.

If any of the components of your vehicle’s exhaust system fail, your gas mileage and quality of air around you can be affected. The expert team at Industrial Park Automotive can inspect and repair your entire exhaust system to ensure your vehicle is running cleanly.

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